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Germanic Languages

The Germanic language family includes English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, German, Yiddish, Icelandic, Afrikaans and some lesser-known languages such as Faroese and Frisian.

Swedish Linguistics

The Germanic languages are a branch of the Indo-European family. The Germanic language family includes English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Icelandic, Yiddish, Afrikaans and some lesser-known languages such as Frisian and Faroese.

English is the great success story among the Germanic languages. Originally spoken by a small group of tribes in a remote corner of Europe, it is now the world's international language of choice. English is also unique among the Germanic languages in that about 50% of its vocabulary comes from the Romance languages.

German and Icelandic are probably the most difficult languages to learn in this group. They have retained archaic features that were lost in the other languages.

Dutch is the language that most resembles English, although some say that Frisian is closer. Consider the following Dutch phrase: "Is dat haar boek?" (Is that her book?)


Germanic Languages
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
I jag jeg ik ich ég
you, thou Du Du jij du þú
she hon hun zij sie hún
he han han hij er hann
we vi vi wij wir við
here här her hier hier hér
where var hvor waar wo hvar
what vad hvad wat was hvað
who vem hvem wie wer hver
not inte ikke niet nicht ekki
hand hand Haand hand die Hand hönd
arm arm Arm arm der Arm handleggur
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
heart hjärta Hjerte hart das Herz hjarta
chest bröst Bryst borst die Brust brjóst
ear öra Øre oor das Ohr eyra
eye öga Øje oog das Auge auga
nose näase Naese neus die Nase nef
mouth mun Mund mond der Mund munnur
tooth tand Tand tand der Zahn tönn
foot fot Fod voet der Fuss fótur
skin skinn Skind huid die Haut húð
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
head huvud Hoved hoofd der Kopf höfuð
man man Mand man der Mann maður
woman kvinna Kvinde vrouw die Frau kona
child barn Barn kind das Kind barn
father fader Fader vader der Vater faðir
mother moder Moder moeder die Mutter móðir
bird fågel fugl vogel der Vogel fugl
fish fisk Fisk vis der Fisch fiskur
water vatten Vand water das Wasser vatn
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
house hus Hus huis das Haus hús
rain regn Regn regen der Regen rigning
sun sol Sol zon die Sonne sól
moon måne Maane maan der Mond máni
sky himmel Himmel lucht der Himmel himinn
day dag Dag dag der Tag dagur
night natt Nat nacht die Nacht nótt
year år Aar jaar das Jahr ár
hill kulle Bakke heuvel der Hügel  
village by Landsby dorp das Dorf þorp
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
rock klippa Klippe rots der Felsen  
earth jord jord aarde die Erde jörð
sea hav Hav zee die See haf
river flod Flod rivier der Fluss á
snow snö Sne sneeuw der Schnee snjór
world värld Verden wereld die Welt veröld
wood trä Trae hout das Holz tré
see se se zien sehen sjá
eat äta spise eten essen éta
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic
drink dricka drikke drinken trinken drekka
come komma komme komen kommen koma
go gaa gaan gehen ganga
one en, ett en, ett een ein, eine einn
two två to twee zwei tveir
three tre tre drie drei þrír
four fyra fire vier fier fjórir
five fem fem vijf fünf fimm
English Swedish Danish Dutch German Icelandic

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